$3.000 for Adults and $1.500 for a Child

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, June 8, 2022
$3.000 for Adults and $1.500 for a Child

Ukrainian refugees in Canada got the opportunity to apply for one-time financial assistance

On June 2, minister of immigration, refugees, and citizenship Sean Fraser and his colleague minister for family, children, and social development Karina Gould announced that refugees can now apply for one-time financial assistance payments from the State of Canada.

Direct payment of $3.000 for people over 17 and $1.500 for children will help Ukrainians cover the immediate needs they face, leaving their entire lives behind them, forced to flee the war.

"Our commitment to Ukrainians fleeing Russia's illegal war doesn't stop once they've arrived in Canada. We will continue to help those seeking refugee live and thrive in communities across the country," Sean Fraser.

Ukrainians can only receive assistance with a valid permit for study, work, or temporary residence. Those Canadians who sheltered a citizen of Ukraine can also count on help. To do this, you must provide a record of the visitor under the CUIET.

It is known that Canada also sent 3 evacuation flights from Poland for Ukrainian refugees, the third of which arrived on June 2 in Halifax. Also, Ukrainians in Canada are provided with assistance in finding housing and work, as well as enrolling in educational institutions.

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