4 Foreign Helicopters Will Fight On Ukrainian Side

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, August 19, 2022
4 Foreign Helicopters Will Fight On Ukrainian Side

Latvia transfers helicopters to the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Minister of defence of Latvia Artis Pabrix informed about the reinforcement of the military fleet in Ukraine. He wrote about the transfer of 4 helicopters on Twitter

"Western support for Ukraine must not stop until it has liberated its entire territory from the Russian occupation troops!" is what the politician's message looked like.

The Ministry of Defence confirmed that 2 helicopters of Mi-17 and Mi-2 models arrived in Ukraine. Latvia believes this military assistance is important for Ukraine's counter-offensive plans. With the help of these models, the military can both fight and save the lives of soldiers and civilians. It is specified that the Ukrainian army has already used the Mi-17. Therefore, 2 helicopters can immediately transfer fighters. This aerial equipment can perform firing missions, including with unguided rockets. Mi-2 is a helicopter of Soviet design. Latvia is sure that even if Ukrainians see this model for the first time, it will not take much time to learn it. The helicopter can carry out civilian and military missions.

Artis Pabrix also reported that the Stingers sent 6 months ago helped to slow the advance of the occupiers in Ukraine.

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