49 Countries Condemned Russia for Meeting the Security Council 

by Meifan Honcharuk
Thursday, April 6, 2023
49 Countries Condemned Russia for Meeting the Security Council 

The countries of the world have not recognised Moscow's claims about the alleged lawful grounds for the removal of children from occupied Ukraine

Last week, the Russian Federation convened a meeting of the Security Council to exonerate itself of charges of smuggling children out of Ukraine. However, the next gathering of the current United Nations body was again found to be groundless. Russia has not provided evidence that would justify the forced deportation of Ukrainian children to the ground controlled by the aggressor.

Therefore, 49 countries of the world have recognised the meeting as pointless. All EU countries, Great Britain, Sweden, Switzerland, Cyprus, Canada, and others have condemned the Kremlin for the distraction of the UN Security Council devoted to the "legal bases" of the deportation of Ukrainian children. The countries that signed the statement believe that Moscow is gathering UN representatives to spread disinformation. Defenders of crimes against children and international law justify themselves and abuse the membership of the UN Security Council.

The permanent representative of Ukraine published information about the statement to the UN, Sergey Kislya. He said that 49 countries do not support Russia's actions and have witnessed serious violations against Ukraine and children by the Russian army.

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