The World Needs Ukrainian Food 

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, December 20, 2022
The World Needs Ukrainian Food 

Boris Johnson initiates agricultural "lend-lease" to restore Ukraine's ability to provide food and feed nations in need

The war provoked a decrease in sown areas and a decrease in the level of the upcoming harvest. Boris Johnson, a friend of Ukraine, drew attention to the fact that this problem does not affect Ukrainians but states that need food grown in Ukraine. Therefore, the politician initiated a fund to help restore our state's agricultural sector.

"The world needs Ukraine to produce more food. We need more calories in Africa. We will need a fund, a kind of lend-lease," Boris Johnson.

The main points that the fund will decide on:

▪️ Demining of 300.000 ha of agricultural land;
▪ Restoration of the number of cattle;
▪️ Export of agricultural machinery and generators.

Today, Ukraine is in 3rd place among the world's grain exporters (after the US and China) and first in oilseeds supply. Already at the beginning of the war, due to the Russian blockade of Ukrainian ports, the threat of global famine began to grow, and in the UK, the most popular Fish & Chips began to close due to a lack of oil. Few Britons then knew that the oil on their table was Ukrainian. Boris Johnson's foundation will help Ukraine restore the agricultural sector, global exports and food security,

"We want to help. Ukraine is an incredible country with an amazing economy," Boris Johnson.

Ukraine will provide Johnson with data on the state and needs of the Ukrainian agricultural sector as a basis for starting the fund.

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