Ukrainian Harvest Will Fall on 60% in 2023 

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, December 20, 2022
Ukrainian Harvest Will Fall on 60% in 2023 

The reason for this is a 45% decrease in sown areas due to hostilities and their consequences

This year, the wealthiest granary in the world is predicted to experience a decline in the harvest. Obviously, the reason for this is the hostilities that take place on the territory of Ukraine. The sown area of Ukraine is 28.4 million hectares, 24% of which are now under occupation or under tanks. Another 3.8 million hectares are unsuitable for cultivation due to their proximity to the military front and the high level of mines.

Sowing of winter crops has already taken place this year. Due to the war, the area under crops has decreased by 26% in the territories that are now occupied, and by 43% in the total territory of Ukraine.

Due to the port's blockade, the logistics cost has also increased, even in regions bordering the European Union. Because of this, the structure of the crop also changes. As the price of oilseeds is twice that of cereals, in 2023 the volume of grains will decrease by 22% compared to 2022 (and 45% compared to 2021), while oilseeds will increase by 32% compared to the previous year (and 9% relative to 2021). It is indicative: 8.7 million hectares were planted this year, oilseeds — 9.7 million hectares. This means that in 2023 Ukraine will harvest 34 million tons of grain (37% less than last year) and 19.3 million tons of oilseeds (13% more than last year).

Also, due to the war, subsidies for fertilizers and irrigation are being reduced, which entails not only a decrease in yields but also entire fields of unharvested corn and other food. And even under all these conditions, Ukraine continues to feed the world.

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