Winter Sowing Started in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, September 7, 2022
Winter Sowing Started in Ukraine

Despite the war, sowing of winter crops began in 13 regions of Ukraine

According to the Ministry of agrarian policy of Ukraine, on September 6, the sowing campaign of winter wheat, rye and barley started in 7 regions of Ukraine. Moreover, in the Volyn, Rivne, Ternopil, Cherkasy regions and Bukovina (the territory of Chernivtsi and Ivano-Frankivsk regions), the sowing of winter rapeseed has already been completed.

"Sowing of winter crops has begun in Ukraine. Seven regions of Ukraine are already sowing winter wheat, rye and barley," Ministry of agrarian [olicy.

As of September 7, Ukrainian farmers have sown 7.640 hectares of grain.

  • 5.170 ha of wheat;
  • 2.000 ha of barley;
  • 0.470 ha of rye.

Statistics of leaders in sowing winter crops by region:

  • Chernihiv region — 3.400 ha;
  • Vinnytsia region — 1.900 ha;
  • Lviv region — 1.100 ha.

Since the last days of August were good weather, 686.000 ha of winter rapeseed were planted. Although the occupiers mined the farmer's fields, the Dnipro and Kirovohrad regions took the lead in sown rapeseed.

  • Dnipro region — 87.900 ha;
  • Odesa region — 72.000 ha;
  • Ternopil region — 63.700 ha;
  • Vinnytsia region — 58.200 ha;
  • Kirovograd region — 55.900 ha.

We remind you that multiple cases of explosions of agricultural equipment and the death of farmers from contact with mines buried in the fields have already been recorded in Ukraine.

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