Russia Killed 7 Million Animals in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, November 25, 2022
Russia Killed 7 Million Animals in Ukraine

Russian aggression resulted in the death of at least 6 million animals and more than 50.000 dolphins

The war causes great shocks to nature. Dolphins are among the first to react to the deterioration of the country's ecological condition. Thus, about 50.000 have already died in the Black sea. One such factor is the occupation and flooding of the mine in the Donetsk region. In 2014, the occupiers seized a part of the Donetsk region together with the mine Yunkom. In 1979, this mine produced a deep nuclear explosion. Naturally, the effects of the explosion are still hidden underground. But after Yunkom was flooded, the possibility of radiation leakage increased several times. Water flows through the soil into the rivers of the Donetsk region, from them — the Azov sea, from the Azov sea — into the Black sea. This was announced by the president of Ukraine, speaking in Bali to representatives of the G20.

Also, official figures indicate that due to the Russian war on the territory of Ukraine, a large number of domesticated animals were killed. Among the dead (6 million animals) are dogs and cats, as well as horses, goats, sheep, etc. In Ukraine, bullying and eating of four-legged individuals by the Russian army were recorded.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy named the causes of such losses. Military actions pollute territories. The bombing of buildings, factories, petrol stations, and power plants has consequences. Zelenskyy claims that the occupation caused damage to more than a few thousand hectares of fertile land. As the clearance of the territory of Ukraine will continue for many years, all these lands are not suitable for the cultivation of various crops and vegetables. That is why the president of the defending country called on the world to work together on the ecological component of Ukraine and the world as a whole.

"We must find common answers to all the environmental threats created by the war. Without this, there will be no return to a normal, stable life, and the echo of war will be preserved for a long time – in the explosions of mines, which will take the lives of children and adults, in polluted water, soil, and atmosphere," the head of state reported.

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