The Price of Stolen Life Years Is €36 Bln

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, October 4, 2022
The Price of Stolen Life Years Is €36 Bln

Russia caused tens of billions of dollars worth of damage to Ukraine’s environment and endangered 5% of protected areas

As long as Putin’s nuclear threats harm only moral health, the planet’s life is getting shorter. The Russian army uses prohibited chemical and thermobaric weapons, destroys and burns nature reserves, and does not monitor the release of waste in the occupied territories. All this reduces the natural potential of Ukraine, approximates global warming, and shortens the lives of people and animals all over the planet. It is impossible to say how much life will be reduced and the planet. But in monetary terms, the environmental damage has already reached €35.3 billion.

Minister of environment and natural resources protection Ruslan Strilets, at a hearing in the EU parliament in Strasbourg, said that there are about 2.000 registered environmental damage in Ukraine. Air pollution is estimated at $25 billion. €11.4 billion is the amount needed to repair the damage done to land during the 7 months of the war. About 31 million tons of carbon were released into the atmosphere. It is expected that 79 million tons of greenhouse emissions will be produced during the recovery of Ukraine.

Russians have endangered, protected areas — 5% of them are on the verge of extinction. 

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