Popular Innovative Building Technologies in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, February 14, 2022
Popular Innovative Building Technologies in Ukraine

Ukraine uses the latest construction approaches, which help to simplify processes and reduce construction costs

The building industry is well developed. Ukrainian modern houses are invested by local builders and businessmen and by foreign investors. Developers choose not only modern but also environmentally friendly technologies. Therefore, in exclusive will consider the top-5 modern methods that are used on construction sites of Ukraine.

  • Permeable waterproofing

It’s a concrete-impregnating solution that penetrates the pores and crystallizes. As a result, the desiccation is blocked, and the life of the building is significantly extended.

  • Mobile tunnels

Such metal structures are used to accelerate the construction process. The structure serves as a support during the construction of the second floor and the construction of bridges. The finished tunnel can move without the need for disassembly. A two-level road project has recently been set up in Ukraine and is being implemented with the help of this technology.

  • Permanent form

This innovative technology, present in Ukraine, was created for the construction of monolithic walls. The advantages of technology are low housing costs and high building speed.

  • Tense armature

This is a steel-hardening method that makes the rebar robust and able to withstand enormous loads.

  • Smog absorption

It helps to absorb harmful impurities settling on the surface of the building. Now, this technology is actively used in Japan, but it is relevant for big Ukrainian cities like Kyiv or Odesa, Dnipro, or Lviv.

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