Project Preparation by Ukraine and the Arab Emirates

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, February 14, 2022
Project Preparation by Ukraine and the Arab Emirates

Ukrainian inventors suggested to the Arab Emirates to build two-story roads

Ukraine is now actively developing infrastructure between and within cities. Therefore the company of Kyiv engineers has come up with a way to realize" rel="dofollow">projects, but not to create problems for drivers.

Kornatskyy Arkadii has developed a project that does not require adjusting existing traffic to build new roads. The developer considered the possibility of building the road above the road. Because during motorway construction, in Ukraine traffic is restricted, and bypass roads are offered for use. According to Arkadii, such an approach to infrastructure development would prevent inconvenience to people. The moment that another highway is created over an existing road, people continue to follow their usual paths.

The second argument in favor of 2-level roads is the speed of construction. There is no need to explore and clear the terrain to start laying asphalt from scratch to make a new road. Kornatskyy Arkadii and his assistants draw attention to the fact that builders can simply create an entrance to the "second floor", install supports and concrete slabs. It will help reduce public spending and maintain green spaces in the country.

The project's author also proposed installing electric car chargers in the ground floor supports or mounting special dynamic charging bands in motion. For the safety of the process, technological tunnels are offered, which assemble once and move easily in different directions.

The representatives of the Arab Emirates are interested in such a draft. The parties are currently negotiating. Whether the project will be fully bought by another country or performed by Ukrainian specialists is not yet known.

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