Ukrainians Voted for Putin in Hell

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, September 12, 2022
Ukrainians Voted for Putin in Hell

"Ukrposhta", at the request of Ukrainians, issued an envelope with the design "(Putin), welcome to hell"

The national postal operator of Ukraine Ukrposhta continues to support the mood of Ukrainians and launch interactive voting for the design of a new postage stamp and envelope. All-nation votes are regularly held through Diia, and among the winners, there was already a stamp with a Russian warship that went where the Ukrainians modestly sent it, with a sapper dog Patron, with the legendary Ukrainian tractor and other motives of this war. This time, Ukrposhta decided to please the Ukrainians and released postal envelopes with a design that did not quite make it to victory — with Putin. Or rather, with Putin, who is welcome in hell. More than 200.000 Ukrainians voted for the Welcome to hell design. The envelope clearly shows the back of Putin's head and the hand of the Ukrainian military, who is ready to pay the tyrant what he deserves.

"This month, we planned to change the military theme to a cultural one to relieve you a bit. But thanks to our Armed Forces, such events occur that we cannot but document them in the way that Ukrposhta can do. We have added a symbolic stamped envelope, Welcome to hell, to the collection. I think this phrase can describe what our enemies are now feeling. By the way, this is the first stamped wartime envelope, the design of which was voted by more than 200.000 Ukrainians. You voted — we heard," general director of Ukrposhta Ihor Smilyansky.

The start date of sales is still unknown, but the hype for this envelope is expected to be great. Many Ukrainians and organizations buy such products from Ukrposhta, sell them at auctions, and the proceeds will be donated to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Everything will be Ukraine!

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