Postage Stamp Design Selected by All-Ukrainian Voting

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, June 17, 2022
Postage Stamp Design Selected by All-Ukrainian Voting

The stamp depicts the Ukrainian tractor that takes away a Russian tank 

A sense of humor is one of the strongest qualities of a genuine Ukrainian. Even in such a dark time for our country, Ukrainians find the strength to be happy. One of the national amusements of wartime is fun content.

The national postal operator of Ukraine Ukrposhta through the state application Diia launched all-Ukrainian voting for the design of a postage stamp. Among all the options, the Ukrainians chose the one you see on the cover of the article. This is a slight irony on the phrase of the Russian military leadership that "the military operation is going according to plan." In reality, the Ukrainians, with their unarmed hands, take away the tanks from the Russians and tow them with tractors to their agriculture. Or handed over to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Some Ukrainians even tried to declare Russian tanks as their property.

The stamp will be issued next month with a circulation of 5 million units.

We remind you that this is the second design of the stamp from Ukrposhta. The first stamp depicts the border guard of Serpent island, who sends a Russian warship, the sunken Moskva, in a certain direction. One of these stamps was sold at an auction for UAH 5 million, and the money was transferred to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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