New Laws on the Functioning and Protection of Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, April 1, 2022
New Laws on the Functioning and Protection of Ukraine

On April 1, the parliament of Ukraine passed a number of laws aimed at optimizing the work of business, improving the living conditions of civilians and the requirements of service of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and provisions for statehood

The first group of laws concerns civilians and the military. The relevant group of parliamentary decisions is aimed at protecting the people and the military, compensating for losses, social security, caring for the health of our defenders, and humanitarian guarantees.

  • On state compensation for lost or damaged housing during the war with Russia (№7198);
  • On Simplification of the Mechanism of Receiving State Funds by Business Entities for Compensation for War-Related Losses (№7221);
  • About auxiliary means of rehabilitation of war victims (№7210);
  • On improving the principles of organization and conduct of the resistance movement (№7180);
  • About additional staffing and social security of defense (№7217);
  • On the proper treatment of servicemen (№7226).

The second group of laws and amendments to active laws is aimed at supporting business, strengthening the economy, restoring the market, and adapting taxes to the challenges of martial law.

  • About one hundred percent guarantee of deposits in all banks during the war (№5542-1);
  • On the functioning of capital markets and organized commodity markets under martial law (№7224);
  • On increasing the tax burden for companies that continue to operate in Russia (№7232);
  • On the settlement of procedures for the administration of certain taxes and fees (№7234);
  • On improvement of norms on making a single contribution and accounting for denatured ethyl alcohol, as well as chemical and technical products (№7233)
  • On protection of interests of persons in the field of intellectual property during martial law (№7228);
  • On ensuring monitoring of potential threats to Ukraine's national security in the economic sphere (№7176);
  • On the peculiarities of the lease of state and municipal property in martial law (№7192).

The next group of updates concerns the courts, civil liability, and protection of the country's stability.

  • On the exercise of powers of prosecutors during martial law (№7058);
  • On criminal liability for disseminating information on the movement of international military assistance or the location of the Armed Forces (№7236);
  • Prohibition of political parties (№7172-1) these are about pro-Russian and communist parties;
  • About specification of a circle of residents of Russia from whom the property in Ukraine will be withdrawn (№7169).

The law On the Protection of Ukraine in the Information Space, the Prevention of the Use of Russian Neo-Nazi Symbols, and the Recognition of Russia as a Terrorist State (№7214) deserves special attention. We are talking, first of all, about the orange and black military ribbons, as well as the "modern swastika" symbols "V" and "Z". Recall that in recent days, Germany and Latvia have banned extremist symbols in their countries.

Ukraine will win! Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Heroes!

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