Expands the “Diia” Opportunities by Ministry of Digital Policy 

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, February 9, 2022
Expands the “Diia” Opportunities by Ministry of Digital Policy 

6 services complemented the unified public service portal in Ukraine

Since 8 February, a list of new services has been available in Diia. Services are available to all residents of the country. In particular, Ukrainians will be able to remotely:

  • Change the place of registration by making several clicks;
  • Participate in government development — social and government surveys were annexed;
  • Obtain certificates — in the Diia Ukrainians can obtain documents for employment or reports in the military committee;
  • Hand over the technical passport for driving by other persons;
  • Register construction;
  • Manage social assistance for internally displaced persons.

Once these features are implemented, the application continues to develop. The government has instructed the ministry of digital culture to develop a large list of social surveys. Now, Ukrainians can only take two social polls. But within three months, a dozen polls are due to appear in Diia.

Developers must have a strong technical base by the end of the spring. Development should ensure the rapid and reliable creation of social surveys. It is also planned that the extension will have to analyze the data itself. The completed results will be forwarded to the administration for action.

Such polls are not considered to be referendums, elections, or a form of public debate or electronic public consultation.

We remind that Ukraine plans to start work on creating invest.com/blog/online-elections-in-ukraine/">online elections.

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