Canada Allocates $1.76 Bln to Ukraine 

by Roman Cheplyk
Thursday, March 30, 2023
Canada Allocates $1.76 Bln to Ukraine 

Canadian authorities approved additional credit for Kyiv through IMF in 2023

According to the draft of the federal budget of Canada, the country will be able to provide Ukraine with additional credit support of $1.76 billion. The funds will be transferred through the International Monetary Fund. The IMF will distribute the money within the program of the Administrative Account for Ukraine.

"This is what today's budget invests in: the possibility for every single Canadian to share in the remarkable opportunities that Canada provides—and in the new era of prosperity that we will build together," Canadian treasury secretary Chrystia Freeland on Twitter, commenting on the budget document for 2023.

Canada's parliament is also considering transferring $147 million to Ukraine. This money is to be used for military assistance. According to the document, the amount is also intended to cover transferring 8 previously announced Leopard 2 tanks to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Canadian finance Ministry entered a further $62 million for humanitarian assistance: work of psychologists, programs of development of Ukrainian industries, and demining of the affected territories. The prime minister also said the country is ready to help the Ukrainian people and the state with everything they need.

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