USA Allocates $47.6 for Demining of Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, November 10, 2022
USA Allocates $47.6 for Demining of Ukraine

The area of ​​mines in Ukraine is equal to the combined area of ​​Virginia, Maryland and Connecticut ≈ 160.000 km²

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has created an unprecedented explosive situation in the country's territories. The deoccupied lands are completely littered with detonating agents, mines and homemade shells. These items block agricultural work and restoration work and also prevent people from returning to their homes. The area of ​​mined territories in Ukraine is now about 160,000 km². For example, this is the combined area of ​​the states of Virginia, Maryland and Connecticut.

On November 1, the US Department of State published information on the allocation of $47.6 million in emergency humanitarian aid to Ukraine in the field of demining Ukrainian territories. The funds will be provided to Tetra Tech, Inc. Pasadena, which will detect, clear mines and remove mines, unexploded ordnance and other detonating agents.

"Under the terms of the project, Tetra Tech will strengthen the government of Ukraine's capacity to locate and remove landmines, unexploded and abandoned ordnance, improvised explosive devices, and other explosive hazards from civilian areas. Tetra Tech will train the government of Ukraine demining and EOD teams to international standards and provide them with the tools necessary to do their jobs," the US Department of State.

The company's specialists will also train Ukrainian sappers and provide them with the tools necessary to work with explosive objects. The funds will also work through the assistance of the non-state Ukrainian company Ukrainian association of sappers.

The Ukraine demining project is part of a total $91.5 million humanitarian aid package to address Ukraine's urgent humanitarian needs. The US Department of State will provide this package to Ukraine over the next year.

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