New Postal Stamp of War Time

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, July 28, 2022
New Postal Stamp of War Time

The national postal operator of Ukraine issued a postage stamp depicting a Ukrainian tractor towing a Russian tractor

Ukrposhta, the national postal operator of Ukraine, since the beginning of the war, it has been issuing stamps with important plots of this war. The first such stamp was the "Russian warship, go f*uck yourself" stamp: a Ukrainian military officer on Serpent island and the Russian cruiser Moskva are depicted on the stamp. The stamp caused a sensation, and now Ukrainians themselves choose the design of the following stamp through the Diia application.

The new stamp depicts a Ukrainian tractor towing a Russian tank. This is a reference to the beginning of the war, when unarmed Ukrainians attacked Russian tanks en masse, took them for themselves or handed them over to the state. Some of the new tank owners even tried adding them to their tax returns.

The new brand will be released in the amount of 5 million, it can be purchased not only in Ukraine but also on Amazon and eBay.

"This release is special for us, like the rest of the wartime. However, we will not stop there because the Ukrainian postage stamp has become a real mouthpiece of the Ukrainian struggle," Ukrposhta.

Glory to Ukraine!

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