Russian Ecocide

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, November 13, 2022
Russian Ecocide

At the UN COP27, the starting amount of Russian damage to the ecobackground of the world was announced — $120 bln

During the UN climate conference, experts described the damage to the climate caused by the Russian war. The initial cost of projects to restore the damage is $120 billion. This year, Ukraine presented its pavilion, where everyone can get information about the environmental destruction that Ukraine is undergoing due to Russian aggression.

"The aggressor country is deliberately destroying our hydrotechnical infrastructure, oil depots, thermal power plants and other energy facilities, which can make the environment unsuitable for life for decades," deputy minister of environmental protection and natural resources of Ukraine Ruslan Grechanik.

The use of chemical weapons against Ukrainians, the decaying corpses of Russian soldiers, the destruction of the fauna of the seas (in particular, the death of dolphins), damage to protected areas and the destruction of forests, the threat of flooding of settlements. This is not a complete list of catastrophes that Ukraine is undergoing because of the war. More than 499.000 toxic components were released into the atmosphere due to attacks on oil depots. More than 12.000 multi-storey residential buildings, 100.000 private households and 500 industrial bases have been destroyed. Separately, the invaders are shelling the territory of Chornobyl: in this way, they release radioactive dust, which spreads throughout Ukraine and Europe.

The summit participants agreed on the need to introduce a unified assessment of Russian damage to the environment of Ukraine and Europe.

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