5.7% of the Territory of Europe in the Hell

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, November 9, 2022
5.7% of the Territory of Europe in the Hell

Russia has caused natural losses to Ukraine by more than $33 billion

Ukrainian land stretched to 603.700 miles². It is 5.7% of the territory from Europe and 0.4% of the whole planet. For almost 9 months, the entire territory has suffered from the Russian offensive. Enemy troops use everything they can: from fire weapons to chemical bombs. All this has its consequences for nature and ecology — the Accounting Chamber already has fresh calculations of climate losses due to war.

According to official data, 3 million hectares of forests were affected in Ukraine. This is almost a third of the country’s forest fund. It is also necessary to demine about a third of the territories. Experts believe that this will take at least 10 years. Of course, defusing bombs and other explosives will lead to further. There are also terrible figures for emissions. Since the beginning of the war, the number of hazardous emissions has exceeded 67 million tons. In 2021 and 2020 Ukraine polluted the air with no more than 2.2 million tons per year.

The World nature Fund also reports that Russia is destroying 20% of protected areas. Also according to official data of 8 reserves and 10 national natural parks remain in occupation. Unfortunately, it is very dangerous for nature and the animals that are there.

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