“Ate a Kangaroo, Ate a Bison”

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, October 30, 2022
“Ate a Kangaroo, Ate a Bison”

Russian occupiers mocked and ate animals at the zoo in Yampil, Donetsk region

On 30 September, the Ukrainian military captured the village Yampil. After clearing the area, volunteers, including zoo guards, were able to go there. Experts note that even in the streets animals threw themselves at people, asking for food. The arrival of zoo protection organizations in the village is connected with the fire strikes by the Russian soldiers on the ostrich farm this summer. But then the volunteers saw the consequences of the "Russian world" at the local zoo and now the case will be referred to the court.

When the Russian army approached the village, Ukrainians began the evacuation of animals, but not all managed to remove them. The team of rescue and assistance to the victims of the war of animals VETMARKET Pluriton, which entered the zoo after 6 months of occupation, was proclaimed. The territory was full of disorder, some animals died in cells because of hunger. For example, hand wolves died with bowls in their mouths. But the volunteers also learned the worst stories. To the full-scale invasion there lived a huge number of animals and birds: bears, vats, antelopes, wild boars, wolves, white nutria, horses, donks, swans, pelicans, pheasants, and others. After the liberation of the village from the invaders, the team found only animal bones, skin scars, and body parts scattered around the zoo.

"Local people said that they ("second army" — ed.) were eating kangaroos, we have not yet found a bone, because they are too many there, they are scattered throughout the zoo. There was a bison, he ran through the village, and then he was beaten and eaten. Someone has run, ponies are running around the territory, we are engaged in their evacuation," said the representative of the VETMARKET Pluriton, volunteer Vitalii.

Now the team VETMARKET Pluriton is gathering evidence of crimes and materials to address law enforcement bodies of Ukraine. The surviving animals were transported to Dnipro; now they are provided with assistance.

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