Banksy Painted Graffiti in the Kyiv Region

The world-famous artist created his masterpiece on the wall of a war-torn house in the city of Borodyanka
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Borodyanka, Bucha, Irpin. The names of these cities left bloody traces on the hearts of Ukrainians

In these towns of the Kyiv region, thousands of Ukrainians were killed, starved to death, raped, and buried alive in the ground and under the rubble of their homes.


Today, Banksy published his new masterpiece on his Instagram — graffiti on the wall of a destroyed house in Borodyanka. A gymnast girl is doing a step on a fragment of a concrete building, at the bottom, there is a laconic signature — "Borodyanka, Ukraine."

We do not know why the author chose this particular plot. Perhaps Banksy wanted to give every Ukrainian a chance to decide for himself what this little black-and-white ray of support means. IMHO — this is a symbol of the fact that a new happy life will bloom again on the ruins of the old life. And everything will be Ukraine.

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