50 Years of Sanctions Against Iran

by Meifan Honcharuk
Monday, May 30, 2023
50 Years of Sanctions Against Iran

On May 29, the Ukrainian parliament voted to impose restrictions on the Islamic Republic of Iran

328 Ukrainian MPs supported a document recognising Iran as an accomplice to the war. For more than 6 months, Ukrainian cities have been suffering from blows by Iranian drones Shahed. Also, Iran recently delivered a new shipment of drones to the Russian Federation. Russia is using these foreign supplies to strike critical infrastructure, power plants, and homes in Ukraine. This information is publicly available and officially confirmed. But Iran continues to cooperate with the Russian aggressor.

So the Ukrainian government decided to impose sanctions against the Kremlin's ally. According to the law, Ukraine has imposed restrictions against Iran for 50 years. The sanctions list is extensive, almost severing all relations between the 2 countries.

Iran loses a trading partner in several areas due to Shahed-136/131 deliveries to Moscow. Ukraine ceases all trade and transit of resources, including intellectual property. Also, all transportation in Ukraine, which brought Iran and its residents income, will be stopped. The list of prohibitions also included another financial aspect: any investments, transfers, and withdrawal of money connected with representatives of the country of war aid for Russia are banned.

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