$500 thsd Investments on Ukrainian Nano-Rocket

Friday, June 18, 2021
 $500 thsd Investments on Ukrainian Nano-Rocket

Ukrainian startup “Promin Aerospace” attracted funding from the QPDigital venture fund. The first launch of the rocket is scheduled for 1.5 years

The startup plans to create an engine for ultralight rockets, as well as invest in further development and promotion of the product.

With the help of a team of engineers and experts drawn from the main technical universities of Ukraine, work is underway to create a unique engine that burns a solid fuel rod during flight. The uniform pulsation of the engine allows building an accurate flight path.

“The partnership with QPDigital is an important stage in the development of our project. We hope to gain a foothold in the SpaceTech market, and the fund's expertise will help us scale production and correctly implement our marketing strategy. Our product will significantly reduce the cost of launching a rocket into space for the corporate sector ” says Misha Rudominskiy, Co-Founder and CEO of Promin' Aerospace.

Promin Aerospace technology is much cheaper than all alternatives on the market. A suborbital and orbital launch will cost up to $200,000. Key customers can be international corporations that want to build a business in Ukraine.

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