“5G Lab” Launched in Kyiv

by Anna Gayduk
Wednesday, November 3, 2021
“5G Lab” Launched in Kyiv

Now each willing can personally test 5G technology

On October 28, 2021, 5G Lab a test zone for 5G technology, was opened on the territory of the UNIT.City innovation park. The Ministry of digital transformation of Ukraine, Vodafone Ukraine, Huawei Ukraine and UNIT.City worked together on its creation. The laboratory will present cases of successful use of 5G abroad. GlobalLogic and Sensorama have already presented their developments.

5G Lab will be useful for companies that have relevant developments. For example, GlobalLogic engineers presented a signal exchange system between cars and road infrastructures using 5G technology. The main idea of ​​the development is to automatically detect and report danger on the road faster than with 4G. If you have a 5G on your smartphone and you are curious to see how fast you can download a movie, the 5G Lab is not the proper place for that.

The 5G Lab is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm. Both UNIT.City residents and everyone can get there and use the technology. To do this, you must first register by filling a form.

In the future, the 5G Lab will also be used for lectures, webinars and other educational events.

This is not the first of a kind project in Ukraine. In June 2021, Ericsson opened a 5G demo center in Kyiv. True, it can only be visited by representatives of telecom companies, mobile operators and startups that make products related to mobile communications.

On a Ukrainian scale, the introduction of 5G technology will not happen soon: the launch of the technology is proposed by the cabinet of ministers to take place in August 2021. The tender for the issuance of licenses for the use of radio frequencies is planned to be held in February 2022.

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