Great Britain Will Give Ukraine 10 Howitzers

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, July 6, 2022
Great Britain Will Give Ukraine 10 Howitzers

On July 5, the British PM held a telephone conversation with the president of Ukraine and announced the transfer of weapons and ammunition

The website of the British government published a message about a phone call from Boris Johnson to Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Boris Johnson shared with Volodymyr Zelenskyy inside information about the G7 and NATO talks that took place last week.

The PM announced that in the coming weeks, his state will be able to transfer to Ukraine new self-propelled artillery installations in the amount of 10 units and loitering ammunition.

"The prime minister said the world was behind Ukraine, and he believed president Zelenskyy's military could retake the territory recently captured by Putin's forces," Boris Johnson was quoted as saying by the UK state portal.

Separately, the representatives of the states discussed the British, who fought on the side of Ukraine and were captured by Russia. We remind you that the occupiers passed a death sentence on them, which has not yet been executed.

The parties discussed Ukrainian grain's acute issue: blocking ports and Russian thefts. The prime minister recalled that the UK is 100% ready to cooperate with Ukraine and other states to resolve the situation as soon as possible and prevent world hunger. We remind you that the state has allocated £1.5 for the analysis of grain in order to determine what was illegally exported from Ukraine and sold by Russia on the gray market.

Separately, Boris Johnson commented on the results of the UkraineRecovery conference, which ended yesterday in Lugano. The prime minister welcomed the decision of Liz Truss to hold the next conference in London.

The topic of holding Eurovision 2023 in the UK was the final one for this call. The prime minister noted that the kingdom had submitted to the EBU a request from Ukraine to hold the contest outside the territory of the winning country.

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