6 British PM Candidates 

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, July 14, 2022
6 British PM Candidates 

On July 13, according to the results of the first round of the race for the post of leader of the Conservative party, 6 politicians came out

On July 4, Boris Johnson resigned, who will serve as prime minister until a new leader is elected. Today was the first round of voting. According to Sir Graham Brady, Chairman of the 1922 Procedural Committee, there are 6 applicants for the second round:

  • Former finance minister Rishi Sunak (88);
  • Junior trade policy ministry Penny Mordaunt (67);
  • Former minister for equality and local government Kami Badenoch (40 votes);
  • Head of the House of Commons foreign affairs Select Committee Tom Tugendat (37);
  • Attorney general Swella Braverman (32).

After the first round, you were challenged by ex-foreign minister Jeremy Hunt and current finance minister Nadhim Zahavi. Over the next few days, the number of candidates will be reduced to 2, and eventually, one of the two contenders will take over the reins of the UK. The future prime minister of the state will be announced on 5 September.

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