Liz Truss Announced Her Candidacy to PM Post

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, July 11, 2022
Liz Truss Announced Her Candidacy to PM Post

On July 10, the British minister of foreign affairs decided to put forward her candidacy for the post of the prime minister

Today, The Telegraph published a message from British prime ministerial candidate Liz Truss, current foreign secretary: "I am putting myself forward because I can lead, deliver and make the tough decisions. I have a clear vision of where we need to be and the experience and resolve to get us there."

Minister Liz Truss said her plans include governing as a conservative: "I will govern as a conservative'e face huge challenges at home amid the global economic crisis."

According to the minister, during her term, work will be carried out with all the global problems the UK faces and for which it is responsible: "...from an aggressive Russia to an increasingly assertive China."

What is extremely important for Ukraine Liz Truss plans to continue Boris Johnson's battle for Ukraine and the state's policy regarding protecting our state for the sake of peace in Europe. "I will hit the ground running as prime minister, whether it is in ensuring Vladimir Putin loses in Ukraine or getting the economy going."

"As foreign secretary, I have helped to lead the international response to Putin's war in Ukraine and delivered a tough sanctions package that has led the world, by imposing real pain on Putin and the Kremlin."

"My plan will secure our future by focusing on economic growth, and getting us back on track towards becoming a high-growth and high-productivity powerhouse. It is built on a clear and long-standing conservative philosophy, including bold supply-side reform."

The minister said that she will cut taxes, develop the private sector, maintain the Belfast agreement and take a series of actions to resolve issues that have become deadlocked.

"In the face of EU obstinacy, I have driven forward legislation to break the impasse in Northern Ireland and take the vital steps necessary to protect the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement and solve the serious problems the Protocol is causing."

Liz Truss has done a lot for Ukraine. One is among the British politicians who directly demanded to provide Ukraine with weapons, also initiated the creation of a tribunal for the criminal Putin. On the initiative of Truss, a group of forensic experts was sent to Ukraine to investigate the sexual crimes of Russians against Ukrainians.

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