6 NASAMS Builds for Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, December 1, 2022
6 NASAMS Builds for Ukraine

The Pentagon has allocated $1.2 billion for the production of anti-aircraft missile systems for Ukraine

Reuters issued a statement citing US department of defence sources. According to the article, the Pentagon signed a contract with Raytheon Technologies. The contract amount is $1.2 billion, designed to produce 6 NASAMS anti-aircraft missile systems. This should also include military training and maintenance of installations. In total, America intends to transfer to Ukraine 8 complexes for protection against the Russian offensive. 2 installations have already been received in November. Reuters reported on the production and transfer of new 6 missile launchers to combat manoeuvring targets at small and medium altitudes on December 6.

Each weapon is part of the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative. The Pentagon announced it in August.

Recall that air defence systems are now needed in Ukraine more than ever. Ukraine needs to repel enemy air attacks, as it uses not only all kinds of explosive weapons: from drones to missiles. The Russian Federation is directing all its forces to destroy the Ukrainian power system on the eve of the big cold. Therefore, Norwegian NASAMS, which can shoot down drones and low-flying missiles, is now very much needed in Ukraine.

All, without exception, are concerned about the Russian Federation’s cowardly strikes on the electricity stations of the neighbouring country. Even NATO is considering the possibility of transferring Patriot missile systems to Ukraine.

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