6 Ukrainian Companies Receives €240,000 for Climate Innovation

by Yevhen Lazorenko
Wednesday, September 30, 2021
6 Ukrainian Companies Receives €240,000 for Climate Innovation

Investments will be received from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the European Union for climate innovation

The Climate Innovation Vouchers program is part of the EBRD's financing and technology transfer center for climate change, which the EU supports through its EU4Climate initiative.
The grant funds cover 75% of the costs (up to €50,000) for innovative solutions and technologies that the winning companies develop and implement to combat climate change.
The list of winners who will receive €240,000 in grants from the EBRD and the EU is as follows:

  • The Good Plastic Company is expanding its production of high-quality recycled plastic panels for interiors, furniture manufacturing, and more, thereby reducing its environmental impact;
  • Architectural studio Ekodar, which improves buildings using the technology of "digital twins";
  • Enzym, a leading Ukrainian yeast producer, is increasing the efficiency of its biogas plant and reducing the amount of wastewater generated during the yeast production process;
  • Dominion is a company that has developed a mobile plant for the production of polymer pipes at construction sites;
  • Viva Vіktoria develops climate control systems for greenhouses that integrate ventilation, heating, watering, lighting control, and fertilization, etc., and also provide remote control;
  • The Advanced Jet Engine Laboratory is a project that helps replace outdated AN-2 agricultural aircraft. The AJEL completes the development of an unmanned aerial fertilizer aircraft.

“Business innovation and clean technologies are key to the European Union's green deal. Climate change mitigation and environmental innovation are at the core of our policies, particularly when it comes to working with partners. It is very encouraging to see innovators from Ukraine, one of the closest partner countries, contribute to this effort. The European Union is happy to help them in this,” said European commissioner Virginius Sinkevičius.

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