7 Sanctions Package for Russia 

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, June 4, 2022
7 Sanctions Package for Russia 

The European Union has started work on 7 documents on restrictions for the aggressor country

On 3 June, sanctions against the Russian Federation were officially adopted. However, several limitations have a long-term perspective for implementation, and Ukraine requires assistance now. Therefore, EU members do not delay decisions and restrictions on the aggressor country. So, on 4 June, it was announced that members of the European Union had gathered to work on new sanctions.

As it became known, the first question concerns blackmail and an ultimatum from Volodymyr Putin. On April 1, the Russian president signed a law according to which unfriendly countries can buy Russian gas for a ruble. It should be noted that all monetary transactions pass through the Russian company Gasprombank. That is why the European Union is considering punishing Gasprombank.

The Polish foreign minister said that the Russian organization is going to be disconnected from SWIFT. This will make it possible to stop Putin’s manipulation of payments for gas in rubles.

"Sanctions should be even tougher in the context of the gas that Russia can still sell, in the context of disconnecting all Russian banks from the SWIFT system. I speak here first of all about Gazprombank. There is also a need for an embargo on technologies that can still be supplied to Russia and used by Russia in its industry," said Polish foreign minister Pavlo Yablonskyi.

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