7 Satellites and a Spaceport: Ukraine Approves a Space Program Until 2025

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, September 19, 2021
7 Satellites and a Spaceport: Ukraine Approves a Space Program Until 2025

The document provides for many innovations in the socio-economic, environmental and security spheres. In particular, the creation of a Ukrainian spaceport and the launch of a satellite

The Ministry of strategic industries of Ukraine assured that the adoption of the bill will solve urgent problems. We are talking not only about scientific and technical, but also about socio-economic, environmental and security spheres.

According to the profile minister Oleg Urusky, the program aims to:

  • creation of space Earth observation systems;
  • introduction of space technologies in the services market;
  • creation of rocket and space technology;
  • scientific investors/business-consultant/" rel="dofollow">research in the field of space activities.

It is expected that the implemented changes will promote the development of the latest devices and tools for participation in international projects, in particular in the study of the Moon. They also plan to expand Ukraine's cooperation with the European Space Agency and in the future — to become a member.

The government committee also approved a project to transform state-owned space companies into joint-stock companies. It is assumed that such changes will "improve" the Ukrainian market.

Ukrainian spaceport and satellites

Volodymyr Taftay, the head of the State Space Agency of Ukraine, spoke in more detail about the space program until 2025. Among others, plan to create a Ukrainian spaceport and a group of 7 satellites.

By October 2021, they hope to produce the Sich-2-30 satellite. In December 2021, they intend to launch it into orbit from the SpaceX site. There will be 6 more satellites. They will focus on remote sensing of the Earth.

The main task of satellites is to photograph the surface of the planet from space. The goals of such activities are very diverse:

  • defense;
  • economic security;
  • early detection of natural disasters;
  • monitoring the use of resources.

With the help of satellites, you can prevent hostility. In addition, to prevent unauthorized deforestation or the use of water resources, etc.

The total cost of the space program is 15 billion hryvnias for 5 years. This is about 3 billion hryvnias from the state budget every year. The program also includes separate investment projects that will be implemented for the money of investors and customers.

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