8-Year-Old Boy From Chernihiv Raised $2.000 for the Ukrainian Army

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, August 3, 2022
8-Year-Old Boy From Chernihiv Raised $2.000 for the Ukrainian Army

Every day, the boy Serhii sings in the city park, and Ukrainian passers-by give him money for a mini-concert

Serhii Moroz, an 8-year-old boy from the city of Chernihiv, sings songs daily in the park. In this way, the boy raises money for thermal imagers and drones for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The boy's initiative was supported by his parents: they helped the boy learn new songs, adjust sound equipment, etc. In his first evening of singing, Serhii collected $166 in 2 weeks — almost $2.000.

"When they (people — ed.) cry, throw money, it makes me so happy. Because that's how they show their emotions," Serhii shares his impressions of his interaction with passers-by.

"What he knows how to do best is to sing. At first, we had 6 songs about Ukraine and the war in our repertoire. He learned the words right here, the ones he knew and the ones he liked. Dad and I printed out the lyrics for him, practised at home, and sings some songs to the guitar," Serhii's mother says.

The boy dreams of raising the necessary amount as soon as possible and personally handing over the money through Serhii Prytula: this is exactly the Ukrainian activist with whom Ukrainians collected money for Bayraktars.

"This is the situation in Chernihiv, and all the people have responded and are helping the Armed Forces," Serhii's father.

Little Serhii already has his own audience: some residents of Chernihiv come to the park daily to support the boy.

"We support him almost every day and love to walk around the city here, so we give money and enjoy his singing every day. He is a very nice boy. God grant that there will be more such children: then Ukraine will be invincible. Glory to Ukraine," the Chernihiv resident shares his impressions about Serhii and his charity initiative.

Serhii dreams the war will end soon, and he, his parents, and younger brother will go to the sea. Therefore, the boy decided to sing until the weather is good in Chernihiv.

We remind you that the 5-year-old boy Konstantyn Mohylko from Vinnytsia plays chess with passers-by every day to raise money for body armour and a tank for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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