Ukrainians Collected $20.5 Mln for 4 “Bayraktars” in 3 Days

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, June 24, 2022
Ukrainians Collected $20.5 Mln for 4 “Bayraktars” in 3 Days

The Ukrainian charitable foundation wanted to raise the amount of 2 "Baraktars" in a week. As a result, the Ukrainians sent money for 4 "Bayraktar" in 3 days

"Ukrainians cannot be defeated. We told "there is not enough 10%", and Ukrainians are gathering for the 4th Bayraktar. Ukrainians proved that Ukrainians can do the impossible. You have proved that every hryvnia matters," the organizer of the fundraising for Bayraktar Serhii Prytula.

3 days ago, Serhii Prytula made an appeal to the Ukrainians, where he announced a fundraiser for the purchase of 2 Bayraktars for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Term — 7 days. The Ukrainians overfulfilled the request, and in 3 days, we collected the amount sufficient to buy 4 Bayraktars.

Ukrainians have proven that we are ready to do anything for Ukraine's victory in the war against a country living in sick fantasies of its former greatness.

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