Russia Doesn’t Shame to Lie to the President of Turkey

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, May 16, 2022
Russia Doesn’t Shame to Lie to the President of Turkey

Russian political and military figure Ramzan Kadyrov called on Erdogan not to rescue Ukrainians from "Azovstal"

Ramzan Kadyrov is known for crude political statements against the Ukrainian people and the military. Putin has entrusted him with a gross crime — the murder of Volodymyr Zelenskyy. It is worth noting that Ramzan Kadyrov is a Russian state, political and military figure, a traitor to his native people — a participant of the Second Chechen War under the flag of Russia. In Russia’s war against Ukraine, the Chechens have already become famous for Tik Tok videos humiliating Ukrainians. Ramzan Kadyrov does not stop there. The Russian war criminal made a blatant statement to the president of Turkey.

Putin’s ward asked Recep Erdogan to abandon the idea of evacuating wounded fighters from the industrial factory-shelter Azovstal in Mariupol. Kadyrov said that the Ukrainian defenders of the Azov regiment, who defend the last free territories of Mariupol there, are considered criminals in Russia. Azov is banned in Russia. However, Ramzan Kadyrov did not take into account the fact that Mariupol is Ukraine and fighters from Azov — defenders of freedom and democracy.

The follower of Putin’s policy is not restrained in his statements and does not provide reliable information even to the president of Turkey. Kadyrov said that the Ukrainians whom Recep Erdogan wants to save participated in the killings in the Donbas and the oppression of Muslims. 

"I address Turkish president Recep Erdogan: Azov is murderers and godless, whom you now want to present as innocent victims of Russian aggression. Don’t be deceived by criminals who want to get away with it. The members of this criminal organization are known in Ukraine and abroad by regular statements insulting the great Islamic values and ridiculing the religion of Islam in general," wrote Kadyrov. 

It is worth noting that before the war more than 2 million Muslims were living in Ukraine. Residents of Islamic states often came to Ukraine for higher education. Moreover, in the blocked Azovstal Ukrainians were assisted by a medic Asanbi. A Muslim is defending Ukraine and has repeatedly addressed Erdoğan with horrific stories about Russian crimes. 

In a recent statement, a medic from Mariupol said that people were dying because of a lack of antibiotics and regular water.

Let us recall that the president of Turkey awaits Putin’s response regarding the evacuation of Ukrainians from Mariupol with the help of the Turkish forces.

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