Russia “Congratulated” Kalush Orchestra on Winning “Eurovision”

A Ukrainian group from the stage in Turin called to save “Azovstal”. On the same night, the Russians began to drop bombs on the plant with the inscription “Kalush, as you asked — on Azovstal!”

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On May 15, Ukraine won the Eurovision Song Contest. During their final performance, to the applause of the admiring audience, Kalush Orchestra did what all of Ukraine expected from them but other countries did not expect — they asked to save Ukraine, Mariupol, and Azovstal: "I ask all of you: please, help Ukraine, Mariupol. Help Azovstal right now!"

We remind you that under the terms of the competition, political campaigning within the framework of Eurovision is strictly prohibited. Kalush Orchestra asked to help Ukrainians, knowing that they could be disqualified a step away from victory. This is the whole of Ukraine: we sacrifice what is dear to us for the sake of our freedom, our country, and each other.

However, the Eurovision organizers showed flexibility, and this year, the participant's statement was regarded not as a political but as a humanitarian act:

"We understand the deep feelings around Ukraine at the moment and believe that the statements of the Kalush Orchestra and other performers expressing support for the Ukrainian people are humanitarian, not political."

Ukraine and the Kalush Orchestra won Eurovision, and Russia, which has focused its forces on hatred against our country this year, has joined in the congratulations of the entire planet.

They started dropping handwritten bombs on Azovstal: "Eurovision 2022, 14:05. Heard the call to hit Azov", "Kalusha, as you asked! May 14, to Azovstal", "Help Mariupol, help Azovstal right now!" What cynicism. What inhumanity.

"Eurovision 2022, 14:05. Heard the call to hit Azov"
"Kalusha, as you asked! May 14, to Azovstal"
They were probably phosphorus bombs

Ukrainian intelligence has released a video showing the character of an explosive device. We remind you that 600 wounded Ukrainian soldiers and hundreds of civilians, including children, are now under Azovstal.

At the same time, British prime minister Boris Johnson commented on Ukraine's victory via Twitter: “Congratulations to Ukraine for winning the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. It is clear a reflection of not just your talent, but of the unwavering support for your fight for freedom.”

We remind you that 2 unprecedented events took place this year. We wrote about the 1 one above, and the 2 is in the absolute support of all countries participating in Eurovision. All countries gave Ukraine a maximum of 12 points: Italy, France, Ireland, Iceland, Spain, United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Moldova, Czech Republic, Georgia, San Marino, Australia, Belgium, Cyprus, Netherlands, Sweden, Israel, Portugal, Norway, Finland.

Ukraine Has Won and Will Win! Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Heroes!
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