Ukraine Won the “Eurovision-2022”

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, May 15, 2022
Ukraine Won the “Eurovision-2022”

Ukrainian hip-hop group "Kalush Orchestra" won the "Eurovision-2022" and will now hand the victory to Ukrainian defenders

The participation of Ukraine in the largest song competition of the year has never had such excitement. The representative of Ukraine at the Eurovision song contest 2022 became Kalush Orchestra — a hip-hop group named after the Ukrainian city. Frontman Oleh Psiuk was born in Kalush, Ivano-Frankivsk region. In 2019, Psiuk gathered a musical group and gave it the name of his hometown. Also, Ukrainians did not know whether they would be able to participate in the competition because Russia had attacked Ukraine.

But the band could come to Turin. Ukrainians could pass the qualifying round and go to the final. But the group could come to Turin, Italy. Ukrainians could pass the qualifying round and reach the last with the Ukrainian-language song Stefania. On 14 May, Kalush Orchestra performed at number 12. The band scored 6 points and placed first in the Eurovision 2022.

It can be said that Ukraine won to win. The Ukrainian group told about their plans in case of victory even after they passed the semi-final in Turin. The Kalush Orchestra is planning to auction the statuette. Oleh Psiuk intends to transfer all proceeds from the sale of the cup to Ukrainian defenders. Also, the singer called the world to save Mariupol, and people blocked the factory Azovstal during a performance in the song contest finals.

"Save Mariupol, help Azovstal now," said the Ukrainian singer.

In Latvia, France, and Poland, citizens sang Stefaniia even before the victory of Ukraine at the Eurovision.

Note that this year Ukrainians could watch the Eurovision song contest with the help of a state portal service Diia.

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