87.000 Killed Mariupol Citiziens

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, August 31, 2022
87.000 Killed Mariupol Citiziens

New casualty figures in occupied Mariupol

On 25 May, before Mariupol came under full control of the occupation authorities, the mayor's advisor Petro Andriushchenko reported about 22.000 deaths. The Ukrainian politician warned that there might be more dead. But no one expected that figure to be nearly four times higher.

President of Mariupol TV, Mykola Osichenko, reported shocking data a few days ago. According to him, according to one of the city morgues, more than 87.000 Ukrainian civilians were killed in Mariupol. It is reported that not all the bodies have yet been identified and buried. The army of the Russian Federation likely killed 100.000 of the 446.000 people in the port city. This means that the occupiers unjustly killed one in five of the city's inhabitants.

"Why a hundred thousand? Because according to the Ilyichevsk morgue, 87.000 people were documented dead in Mariupol a few days ago. There is also a database on the unknown. Unknown bodies of civilians are being dug into mass graves. As of today, there were 26.750 such people," Osichenko said.

Exhumation of bodies is carried out from graves made in yards and under the rubble of buildings. It is noted that from many people, there is nothing left.

Also, the Mariupol government, on the side of Ukraine, reports that the occupiers intend to pour the corpses in the Drama theatre after the missile bombing with concrete. So far, the Russian government only douses the dead with bleach to get rid of the terrible smell.

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