$9.5 Mln on Bomb Shelters

by Roman Cheplyk
Wednesday, February 15, 2023
$9.5 Mln on Bomb Shelters

In 2023, the Kyiv authorities started to organize shelters for citizens

A year ago, Ukraine was thinking about Europeanization, and the funding of each city was aimed at replacing old buses with electric ones, creating new green parks, and renovating hospitals. However, due to of the cruel reality, Ukraine takes care, not about school classes, but the security of its citizens. 

The capital's authorities will allocate $9.5 million to create shelters in schools that may be needed during the attacks of the Russian occupiers. Shelters are also being built in the basements of high-rise buildings and civil institutions. The project will cover 10 districts of Kyiv. Each shelter will have electricity, places for sitting and quenching the first needs are made. Over the past year, 398 shelters were equipped in Kyiv. In total, there are almost 4.000 places in the capital that can protect Ukrainians from rocket attacks from the enemy. These and the new bomb shelters can be found on Google Maps. The most significant underground space is designed for 240 people.

It is hard to imagine that in the modern world, you can see on the map thousands of shelters from on-board attacks and that they must be sought now.

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