Ukraine Selects Geniuses

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, November 5, 2021
Ukraine Selects Geniuses

Ukraine received a license to select young talents for the American "Olympics of Geniuses"

The international Olympiad examines projects from nature conservation, the environment, and a healthy ecological background.
On November 4, the Small Academy of Sciences of Ukraine was the first of all countries to receive a license to select talented Ukrainians and Ukrainian women. The winners in the selection in Ukraine go to the finals of the Olympiad in America.
Mexico, Kuwait, and South Korea will be the following states to sign a licensing contract with Washington for the qualifying round in their country.
The Olympiad is held in 80 countries around the world and annually brings together 1000 high school students. The participant of the intellectual competition faces the task of presenting a project describing a problem from the field of ecology and a variant of its solution. The participant can choose the following presentation tools: science, business, creative writing, music, short film, photography, poster, science.
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