A Food Security Solution From G20

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, November 17, 2022
A Food Security Solution From G20

The countries discussed options to stabilise the worldwide food supply from Ukraine 

The year 2022 became one of the most unstable in terms of food. This is due to the war that Russia began in Ukraine. As a result of the armed aggression became: burned fields and warehouses with grain, blocked ports, and a drop in the value of Ukrainian products. It’s a situation that’s gripped the world. The G20 summit, therefore, provided time to discuss the issue of food to avoid hunger in some countries.

The German chancellor said that the fall in food prices following the resumption of grain supplies from Ukraine showed that war affected everyone. However, the organisation's members support the continuation of the grain initiative through the Black and Azov seas. Without Ukrainian exports, African countries already in the deficit will suffer.

Olaf Scholz also said that there is a solution to the economic and food crisis — stop the cause of its emergence.

"First of all, I would like to make it clear once again that the most effective way to restore the world economy is to end Russia’s war against Ukraine," Scholz summed up at a food and energy security session within the framework of the summit.

British prime minister Rishi Sunak also made a statement on food security. He believes that the world cannot allow any country to blackmail others with food and that Russia should be held accountable for its actions. Instead, the head of the Russian Federation hides from significant events and sends his representatives.

"I support the UN secretary-general that grain trucks should move across the Black sea and call on all those countries that can produce more food or release supplies to help increase supplies," said Sunak.

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