A Medical Reform in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, July 3, 2022
A Medical Reform in Ukraine

On 1 July began the stage of infrastructure reform in the medical sphere

The Ministry of health reported that, despite the difficult situation in the country, reforms were continuing. The first phase of health care reforms began in 2018 to move away from the Soviet system. Then appeared the first declarations according to which the patient could choose his family doctor. In 2020, the second stage began, according to which a patient can receive service in any hospital from any highly specialized doctor, and the state pays for a specialist. 2 years later, in 2022, the next stage of the reformation began. According to the Ministry of health of Ukraine, the last step will allow a complete transition to the European system.

"We are beginning the infrastructural stage of health care reform and finally say goodbye to the Soviet Union, both in the approaches to the formation of the network of hospitals and in the visual perception of the hospitals themselves and their logistics. The formation of a network of hospitals in the hospital district on the cluster principle will determine in which hospitals what equipment and quantity should be. And it is these hospitals and this equipment that will be the priority in terms of Ukraine's recovery," said minister of health Viktor Liashko.

A new look at the network of health facilities will allow each region to create a hospital district. The districts will be further divided into hospital clusters. The reform will create optimal access routes for patients to medical and rehabilitation assistance based on the principles of evidence-based medicine. Will also be a changed workload on medical and rehabilitation professionals. Demographic and geographic changes will also be reviewed to ensure that all facilities and patient referrals are user-friendly.

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