A Modern Alternative to Standard Deposits

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, December 17, 2021
A Modern Alternative to Standard Deposits

Types and opportunities can be addressed in 2021-2022

When you say "investment" is real estate or securities, the first thing you think about. It should be noted that one option is to obtain monthly income and clear reports for the period covered. This is about government bonds. Deposit in bonds is becoming a modern alternative to standard deposits.
As mentioned earlier, the coronavirus influenced Ukrainian developers. Fearing low demand, they concentrated on existing projects, putting new projects aside. Therefore, starting work in this field is already possible to increase money soon.
And a bit of little known but relevant in 2022 for Ukraine foreign investment infusions.

The cultivation of crops is profitable for external investment. It became possible to invest in the Ukrainian agro-industry using world-known technologies.

IT sphere cannot fail to enter the top of foreign investments. This industry is now the most promising source of external investment. In recent years, Ukraine has witnessed an increase in projects receiving external attention. Moreover, in recent years several dozens of projects in the direction of IT technologies have been able to enter the world market and find mentors.

The potential for investment in Ukraine is unlimited. The country has many untreated territories and talented professionals who can increase the amount of money invested in the project.

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