A New Record of the “Nemiroff” Brand

Wednesday, July 21, 2021
A New Record of the “Nemiroff” Brand

“Nemiroff” topped the rating of TOP 100 international companies in terms of growth rate in 2020. This rating is made by the authoritative industry company “The International Wine and Spirits Research”

Nemiroff is an international alcohol brand of Ukrainian origin, one of the world's largest producers of alcohol, founded in 1999. The products are sold in more than 8 countries. The company is one of the top 77 world leaders in supplying vodka to duty-free shops. Production began in the city of Nemyriv. 40% of all exported alcohol is Nemiroff, the company cooperates with 80 countries.

IWSR is the leading source of data, analysis and insights on the global beverage alcohol market.

Nemiroff was ahead of 16 vodka brands in the world, as well as ahead of many popular whiskey, gin, rum and tequila producers. According to IWSR experts, today Nemiroff is the fastest growing international brand of all strong drinks, which represents Ukraine on the world stage.

"The increase in sales is due to the company's ability to adapt quickly by entering new markets, strong marketing initiatives and bold new products. Stable success is a natural result of a successful strategy," said Nemiroff CEO Yuriy Sorochinskiy.

In addition to leadership in the IWSR TOP-100, Nemiroff recently received the status of Vodka Brand Champion 2021 and earned the title of the vodka brand №1 in the world according to The Spirits Business. Earlier Nemiroff brand also agreed on a strategic partnership with Coca-Cola HBC to conquer new markets and distribute its products.

"A history of a century and a half, high-quality requirements, continuous production improvement and search for new flavors allow the Ukrainian brand not only to keep the brand among international leaders but also to be ahead of them in difficult times of global decline. The growth of Nemiroff indicators by about 20% in 2020 is the most tangible proof of the brand’s strong position and consumer commitment to it on five continents," commented the results of the IWSR Drinks rating in the Ukrainian company.


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