A Single Border Crossing Point Poland-Ukraine 

by Meifan Honcharuk
Monday, April 3, 2023
A Single Border Crossing Point Poland-Ukraine 

Ukrainian minister of infrastructure said that borders services will complement on border points to speed up the customs clearance process

Kyiv and Warsaw continue to bring their countries closer and build friendly relations. Previously, Poland simplified the process of transportation of goods from Ukraine. In a new stage, partners have decided to create a single checkpoint. This means that, instead of going through 2 checkpoints, only 1 control point will be required. This change will accelerate border crossings, relieve the queue of border areas and strengthen relations with partners.

"Colleagues from Poland, for example, will be on our territory, and it will be one pass. Or our colleagues will be on the territory of Poland. This will significantly speed up the process," said MoI Serhii Derkach.

Countries are currently preparing the final text of the document. It will determine the location of the paragraphs simplified border crossing and operational features. Next, the instrument should go through the ratification process. Ukraine could enter into the same partnership with Slovakia and Hungary.

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