Ukrainians Are Returning Home

by Roman Cheplyk
Sunday, April 2, 2023
Ukrainians Are Returning Home

Traffic jams formed at Poland-Ukraine checkpoints

The State border guard service of Ukraine reports that traffic jams have appeared at the Poland-Ukraine automobile checkpoints Shegini and Krakowets in the direction of Ukraine. Hundreds of Ukrainians are eager to get home. This is probably due to Easter being celebrated in Ukraine on April 16 and the refugees temporarily returning home to spend the holy day with their families.

The Ukrainian side has increased the number of customs personnel in order to process the passenger flow as soon as possible. Also, the state border service advises travellers to use the services of less popular checkpoints — Ugrinov, Rava-Russka, Smelnitsa.

I wonder if Russia will cunningly offer Ukraine a "truce for Easter"?

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