Additional Meanings of Joe Biden’s Visit to Ukraine

by Roman Cheplyk
Monday, February 20, 2023
Additional Meanings of Joe Biden’s Visit to Ukraine

On February 20, president Biden showed by his own example how important the peace and well-being of Ukraine is for the USA

Joe Biden's visit became the biggest surprise of 2023 for Ukrainians. However, this visit was planned in advance, and the choice of date is also symbolic. On February 20, Ukraine pays tribute to the heroes who launched the Euromaidan in 2014  our heroic Heavenly Hundred. The US president arrived in Ukraine on a day that for us is a symbol of freedom, dignity and self-sacrifice and the struggle for a progressive future. Joe Biden's visit began precisely with a visit to the Heavenly Hundred memorial on Independence square.

This visit is an equal response to Zelenskyy's visit to Washington during Russia's fierce battles against Ukraine's democracy and sovereignty. This step by the US president is evidence of how much Ukraine has strengthened and changed over this year. Many representatives of other countries did not come to Ukraine because of doubts about their safety. But the arrival of Joe Biden to Ukraine will put an end to these uncertainties.

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