Adoption of the Law on Energy Efficiency

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, October 22, 2021
Adoption of the Law on Energy Efficiency

Ukraine’s commitments under the Association Agreement with the European Union facilitated the adoption of the law

The law was passed in the country's parliament of Ukraine on October 21.

The document includes a number of preconditions that create opportunities for GDP growth and an additional million jobs for the country's citizens.

The Law on Energy Efficiency provides for the establishment of a mark for reducing electricity consumption annually. Each new indicator should be at least 0.7% of total consumption for the year.

It is also proposed to make requirements for:

  • Ecodesign of energy-consuming products and services;
  • The level of energy efficiency to the purchase and lease of buildings by state authorities and local governments.

State support for measures aimed at stimulating the use of smart energy metering systems is being introduced.

The draft law also regulates the procedures for conducting energy audits: the procedure and features of the qualification of energy auditors.

The purpose of the bill is to popularize energy efficiency tools among consumers and stimulate the development of a legally regulated electricity supply service.

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