Agricultural Holding “HarvEast” Switches to Irrigation of Fields with Drones

Wednesday, June 23, 2021
Agricultural Holding “HarvEast” Switches to Irrigation of Fields with Drones

Due to the inefficiency of standard ground-based crop spraying equipment, "HarvEast" modernizes its fleet and purchases agricultural drones

Ukraine is located in a temperate continental climate and is prone to heavy rains in certain seasons. In view of this, the ground becomes soaked, which makes the use of heavy equipment in the field impossible. It is for this reason that HarvEast has decided to discontinue the use of standard machines for soil fertilization and plant protection and switch to irrigation with agrodrones. This was reported on the official HarvEast Facebook page.

“While ground sprayers stand and wait for dry weather, new technologies, innovative and bold solutions have come to their rescue. We at “Ylych — Ahro Donbas” (a company that is part of HarvEast) have found a way out, and in rainy weather, we use drones to fertilize,” said Ruslan Mazurenko, division director.

Ruslan Mazurenko from his own experience can argue that the key characteristics of agrodrones are the completeness of spraying, optimal fluid consumption due to the precision of the application of the substance, and the speed of field processing.

“In the near future, an agrodron will become as necessary as a cultivator or a harvester, and we are already actively using it and developing this direction,” summed up Mazurenko.

And we at GT Invest claim that aerodrones have already become a modern method of processing agricultural crops.

Automatic surveillance of plants by satellite monitoring and monitoring by drones, processing, and care of plants, soil mapping, deep analytics of agriculture — it is all a matter of equipment. The active ingredients are applied by drones in high concentrations and densely deposited on plants. The drops do not fall on the ground, but cover plants, and drugs are well absorbed. In this way, we use only 5 to 7 liters of water per hectare. The active ingredients are used more efficiently, and we do not use too much water. 

The partner of GT Invest — — is the international integrator of unmanned solutions. is the distributor of world-known drones for different purposes: agriculture, mining, oil and gas drones, mapping, and underwater. You can learn more in the interview with the CEO of Valery Yakovenko

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