Agricultural Sector Leaders in Terms of Profitability

Monday, August 16, 2021
Agricultural Sector Leaders in Terms of Profitability

The level of profitability of the activities of agriculture, forestry, and fisheries reached record levels: at the end of 2020 it amounted to 13,5% in Ukraine

Such indicators give every reason to declare the profitability of enterprises as the highest among all types of economic activity in Ukraine.

According to the world director of the National research center Institute of Agrarian Economics academician of the National academy of sciences Yuriy Lupenko: “The profitability of all enterprises in 2020 was 1,1%. The highest level of agriculture is in the field of financial and insurance activities — 12,6%, healthcare and social assistance — 12,2%, as well as in the field of information and telecommunications — 6,4%. The highest indicator was also in agriculture, forestry and fisheries — 18,4%.

In addition to the aforementioned areas, positive dynamics can be traced in the areas of real estate transactions (-5,4%), temporary accommodation and catering (- 8,9%), arts, sports, entertainment, and recreation (- 9,6%). According to Yurii Lupenko, the profitability level was 6,5%.

Such results have the most positive effect on the Ukrainian economy: “Agricultural enterprises provide the best indicators of economic efficiency,” summed up Yurii Lupenko.

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