Kyivans Want to Establish a Monument to Elizabeth II

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, September 12, 2022
Kyivans Want to Establish a Monument to Elizabeth II

Residents of the capital launched a petition to install a monument to Her Majesty instead of a memorial to Shchors

Since 2014, a substantial procedure of de-Sovietization has been going on in Ukraine — getting rid of the Soviet heritage on the territory of beautiful and authentic Ukraine. As part of this program, hundreds of monuments to quasi-heroes (Lenin, Shchors, Kuibyshev) have already been demolished in Ukraine, and hundreds of streets have been renamed (there was a Red Army street — it became the Heroes of Maidan street) and demolished monuments to non-existent values ​​(for example, a monument to the Friendship of the peoples of Ukraine and Russia).

Ukrainians are actively involved in the process because an application for renaming and dismantling can be submitted online on a specially created state website. Today, Ukrainians, and specifically the people of Kyiv, decided to thank Elizabeth II for her support of our state. A petition was launched to demolish the monument to bolshevik Nikolai Shchors and install a monument to Elizabeth II in the capital's centre.

"As part of de-communization and de-Russification, as well as in commemoration of great respect for the British people, who, together with the British government, are Ukraine's biggest ally in the fight against the occupier, it is proposed to install a monument in the place of the monument to Nikolai Shchors on Shevchenko Boulevard in Kyiv, which is the honour of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain," Anton Osmak, author of the petition.

In just 120 minutes after publication, the petition gained 500 votes out of the required 6.000. Residents of Odesa recognized this idea as phenomenally appropriate because, in their city, there is a controversy about the monument's fate to Catherine II. Now Odesans also want to erect a monument to Elizabeth instead of Catherine, who destroyed the Ukrainian people.

We remind you that Her Majesty supported Ukraine in word and deed.

"My government will maintain pressure on Russia to respect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine and will insist on fully implementing the Minsk agreement," Elizabeth II.

In March 2022, The Queen made a donation to the Committee for emergency situations, which helps refugees from Ukraine.

"In these difficult times, my government will play a leading role in protecting democracy and freedom around the world, including continuing to support the people of Ukraine," Queen Elizabeth at the opening of parliament in May 2022.

Ukraine mourns for Her Majesty.

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